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Fees and charges

Fees and charges for booking our parks, reserves or sportsgrounds including Walter Nash Stadium.

Fees and charges include Goods and Services Tax (GST) at 15% and are effective from 1 July 2011.

Sportsgrounds season charges

Set to recover the percentage of operating cost identified below plus the full operating cost of ancillary services:

Recovery rates percentageLevel1  Level2Level3ChildrenTraining
Sports 30 20 10 5 5
Cricket/Croquet 25 15 10 5 N/A

One-off or single day hire - Charged at 10% of the season charge per game or where the game lasts three hours or longer, 15% of the season charge per day.

Special events charges

Fees apply when hiring sportsgrounds for events and other special purposes:

Events and commercial operators  By quotation
Picnic bookings (30 or more people) $30.00
Filming per hour $100.00
Marquees for picnics/promotions $100.00
Weddings $100.00
Hire of rooms, social facilities, training fields etc. By quotation
No. 1 field at Hutt Recreation Ground $650.00

Note: Bookings for the season will take priority over casual bookings.

Hiring Walter Nash Stadium

Current charges (per hour, including GST) are: 

 Off peak
1 court
Off peak
2 courts
1 court
2 courts
Casual users  $24 $40 $75 $125
Regular users   $24  $40 $45 $75

Off peak hours - weekdays 8am - 3pm
Peak hours - weekdays 3pm - 10pm, weekends 8am - 10pm
Regular users - those who use the stadium on a consistent basis for at least 4 months

This includes all permanent seating, set up of courts, clocks, scoreboards and changing facilities.

 Additional charge Cost
Photocopying per sheet $0.05 
Corporate set up   $345.00
Portable chairs chair per day $2.90
Portable trestle tables table per day $5.80
Portable plastic round tables table per day $5.80
PA and sound system per day $172.50
Security by arrangement  
Fire wardens per hour $28.80
Cleaning - if left in an unacceptable state per hour $57.50
Mini skip - major events   $287.50
Kitchen (only available on all day hireage) per hour $10.00
Function Room per hour $23.00
Full Cleaning   $575.00